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Achievement Gaps: The Path to Equity
This course explores the many factors that contribute to unequal patterns of achievement among different groups of students. One inescapable reality lies at the root of the problem: disparities in ach... More
Conflict Resolution: An Introduction
This course introduces teachers to the concept of conflict resolution, its value in a school environment, and the many ways to handle it. It will help teachers understand how they canand why they shou... More
Embracing Diversity: A Look in the Mirror (Reimagined)
Americans are a diverse collection of faiths, creeds, and colors. Intolerance has, unfortunately, always been part of the American experience. Schools have always been vulnerable to this societal dile... More
Multiple Intelligences: Designing a Classroom Environment
In this course, learn about the theory of multiple intelligences as well as ideas and suggestions for ways to integrate it into the classroom. Participants will reexamine the use of learning centers t... More
Substitute Teaching: Creating an Effective Training Program
First Edition. This course identifies characteristics of an effective substitute teacher program, investigates several model training programs, and introduces alternative methods of finding and traini... More
Substitute Teaching: More Strategies
First Edition. This course investigates whats needed to become an effective substitute teacherfrom classroom management, to teaching strategies and working with special-needs students. The lessons exp... More
Substitute Teaching: The Basics
This course introduces the basics of effective substitute teaching that include the use of a sub pack, the value of preparation, and activities appropriate for any age group or subject. In completing ... More
Understanding by Design: The Backward Design Process
This online course will help you understand and apply various aspects of Understanding by Design (UbD). Beginning with an overview of the principles of unit design presented in the UbD framework, this... More
Your First Year of Teaching: Surviving and Thriving
This course is designed to help new teachers succeed in their first year of teaching. Although college coursework has prepared teachers for many of the experiences theyll encounter during this first y... More