Bullying: Taking Charge, 2nd Edition

Free PD Online® Course: Bullying: Taking Charge, 2nd Edition

Thank you for your interest in ASCD’s PD Online Course, “Bullying: Taking Charge, 2nd Edition.” This course is available to you free as a demonstration of our practical, self-paced online courses.

With this course, you will explore what bullying is and why it is important to address it on the student, teacher, and school level. You will also learn some practical tools for confronting and preventing bullying. Through video examples, in-depth readings, and problem-solving scenarios, you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize and detect bullying.
  • Address bullying with the bully as well as the victim.
  • Discuss bullying with students through classroom activities.
  • Implement a communitywide bullying prevention program.

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